Post-Surgical Penile Reconstruction in Salt Lake City, UT

In our practice, we have a particular interest and expertise in aesthetic and reconstructive issues of the penis, particularly after previous surgeries. Men who have had previous “penile lengthening” or “penile widening” procedures may experience complications, ranging from the mild to the severe, and we have developed approaches to improve both the look and function of the penis after these complications. These include both implantable devices (such as penile prosthetics) as well as non-implant surgery (such as penile lengthening or circumcision issues). Many men feel devastated and isolated if they are suffering such complications, and we do a thorough evaluation of the issues prior to implementing a personalized plan to address them.

Examples of Issues Stemming from a Prior Surgery

  • Scarring or unsightly appearance after childhood or adult circumcision
  • Scarring of the deep tissues after penile augmentation surgery, causing curvature or other deformities
  • Abnormal angulation of the penis after previous trauma or penile “lengthening” procedures

Although we cannot undo the past, we do have expertise in addressing many of these issues, and we have treated men from all over the country who struggle with these issues. We have noted that many surgeons “overpromise and underdeliver” and so we strive to provide an honest assessment and realistic expectations of outcomes. We find that this approach helps men understand what is normal, and what improvements can be accomplished.

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If you’re struggling with complications from a previous penile surgery and don’t know where to turn, urologist William Brant, MD may be able to help.  Dr. Brant is a member of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and specializes in penile reconstructive surgery. Call our office in Salt Lake City at (801) 965-2767 today to get started. Men from all across the intermountain west including Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah are willing to travel to Salt Lake City to consult with Dr. Brant given his urologic expertise.

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