Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy in Salt Lake City, UT

A great number of our patients have been inquiring about the role of shock wave therapy (which you may have seen as LiSWT, Acoustic wave, Gainswave or True Pulse Protocol) in treating ED or Peyronies disease. Various clinics are offering this and, while it is an exciting new approach with a lot of promise (see below), it is NOT (despite what you hear) FDA approved as a treatment for ED or Peyronies disease, nor is the true success really known.

Urologist William Brant, MD has extensive experience helping men who struggle with ED. His fellowship focused on medical and surgical treatments for penile disorders, including plastic and reconstructive issues in penile deformities and erectile dysfunction, as well as prosthetic surgeries for erectile dysfunction. Dr. Brant is also a member of multiple medical organizations, including the American Urological Association, the Sexual Medicine Society, and the Society of Urologic Prosthetic Surgeons. He has authored over 100 works, including various chapters in 6 textbooks of Urology.

If you’re struggling with ED in the Salt Lake City area, contact our men’s health clinic by phone at (801) 965-2767 or request an appointment through the online booking system. Men from across the intermountain west including Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and Utah are willing to travel to Salt Lake City to consult with Dr. Brant given his extensive experience treating erectile dysfunction.

How does shockwave therapy for ED work?

In 2010, LiSWT was first used in Europe as a novel and minimally invasive treatment approach for ED. Shockwave therapy has been used therapeutically in other fields of medicine, including in the treatment of insufficient blood flow to the heart or limbs, diabetic foot ulcers, and wound healing. It has been proposed that LiSWT restores erectile function by increasing penile stem cells and by releasing vascular growth factors and by directly increasing nitric oxide (NO) synthesis in penile tissues. Over the years, multiple other studies and clinical trials in Europe and other regions have endorsed the therapeutic potential of LiSWT for the treatment of ED. The European Urological Association has listed Li-SWT as a treatment for ED. The low-intensity shockwaves used in most LiSWT treatment protocols published to date emit an energy density of approximately 0.09 mJ/mm2. In contrast, shockwave machines that are used to destroy kidney stones use energy densities are approximately 0.9 mJ/mm2 – this is 10 times higher than used for ED. In general, LiSWT treatment protocols provide 1-2 sessions per week over the course of 6 sessions. In general, thousands shockwaves are delivered to multiple areas of the penis, with each treatment session lasting approximately 5 minutes. Shockwaves are delivered by a hand-held probe. Treatment is offered in an outpatient setting with no analgesia needed.

We feel it is important to take a low dose of a medication to increase blood flow to the penis during the duration of the treatment. Usually this is a generic version of Viagra or Cialis. This is taken daily.

Does LiSWT work well?

Yes and no. Although the LiSWT is very promising and has the most basic science and animal research data of all the regenerative therapies, it is still unknown exactly how individual patients will respond to it. Many factors likely go into it, including how severe the ED is and what the cause is (if known). Due to a lack of really good human studies, we just don’t know 1) who exactly is the right candidate 2) what is the best energy source 3) what is the best timing for sessions 4) how long it lasts (i.e. does it need to be redone every year? Every few years?). As you can tell, there are a LOT of unknowns!

Is shockwave therapy for me?

As with all conditions we treat at Summit Urology, we start by getting a history and physical examination to understand what’s going on with you, what your goals are, and what has worked or not worked for you in the past. We also like to make sure patients are educated about ALL of their options for erectile function, not just LiSWT. In many cases, there is additional testing that you may desire or require to help you and us understand why your erections are not as good as you would like. Based on our evaluation, we can then discuss whether LiSWT is a good option for you.

How much does LiSWT cost?

At Summit Urology, we have been disappointed to see various clinics offer a new, unapproved technology at high costs ($3000-6000 for a 6 treatment course). We make sure we track your progress and outcomes carefully and charge a price that covers our costs but no more, in line with the recommendations of the Sexual Medicine Society of North America position statement

Currently, our cost is $999 for a course of 6 treatments, although this may change depending on our costs.

Are there any risks to shockwave therapy?

Fortunately, the risks of LiSWT seem to be very minimal, and consist mainly of soreness in the area easily treated with over the counter medication if necessary. Undergoing LiSWT does NOT prevent you from using or undergoing any of the FDA-approved therapies for ED or Peyronies disease.

What if it doesn’t work?

Unlike other clinics that offer LiSWT or other new therapies but do not offer the gamut of “tried and true” therapies, at Summit Urology we can offer the full spectrum of care. After all, the best treatment is the one that works for you! We will make sure you know all your options and will be able to work with you to make sure you make a fully informed decision about any treatment you choose.

We don’t want to just offer treatment and then never follow up. After all, our goal is to make sure you are happy and satisfied. We therefore require a post-treatment assessment at 4 weeks after you finish treatment, where we reassess your function and see whether the LiSWT has been adequate or not for your needs.

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