Urologist in Salt Lake City, UT

William Brant, MD, FACS, FECSM

Dr. William Brant is an expert urologist committed to providing the highest quality care to patients throughout the Salt Lake City area in the diagnosis and treatment of urology related conditions. He is dedicated to offering patients a wide range of quality urology services including urinary incontinence treatment, penile implants, UTI treatment, erectile dysfunction, and more, in a warm and friendly environment to provide the very best in urologic care.

As a board certified and expert trained urologist, Dr. Brant is experienced in offering the latest technology in treating urologic conditions including the most minimally invasive surgical procedures. His urology practice services a wide variety of patients from all over Salt Lake City seeking state-of-the-art care in urology with a personal touch to improve their outcomes.

Watch Dr. Brant’s Webinar on Erectile Dysfunction and Stress Urinary Incontinence.

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Salt Lake City.

What Our Patients Are Saying

5 Stars

May 27, 2023

Dr. Brant was extremely knowledgeable and made my experience great.
5 Stars

May 25, 2023

Everyone in the office made me feel at home. It was a great experience, great staff, a great doc who listens and takes his time, and his nurse is also awesome she explains everything you need to know to get ready felt at ease and really nice.
5 Stars

May 20, 2023

I spoke with Dr. Brant regarding a procedure I want done. He was easy to talk with, explained my current medical problems, and was very knowledgable regarding the procedure I'd like done, as well as pros and cons.
5 Stars

May 8, 2023

Dr. Brant was very professional and thorough. I was very impressed with how personable and the time he took to provide details. His assistant and staff all seem very top-notch as well. Highly recommend!
5 Stars

Apr 23, 2023

Nice friendly staff they take the time to explain the whole process
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Dr. William Brant Discusses Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

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In a recent article on Insider.com, Dr. William Brant contributes to the discussion on the controversial penile implant for enhancing penis size and length. The big short provides a balanced view of the procedure and emphasizes the need for patients to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before deciding to undergo the surgery.

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Dr. William Brant Discusses Prostate Cancer on KUTV

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