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Dr. Brant Leads Seminar on Artificial Urinary Sphincter (AUS)

Dr. William Brant delivered a talk on the guidelines and practical applications of artificial urinary sphincters at the 42nd Annual Ralph E. Hopkins Urology Seminar, a “multi-day meeting focused on training urologists in the latest in assessing, diagnosing, and treating urologic conditions in the clinical setting.” Dr. Brant went into detail on the preoperative, operative, and postoperative portions of the procedure, which is used to treat male urinary incontinence.

You can watch a recording of the talk below:

Dr. Brant Presents – Medicolegal 101 for the Urologist: Lawsuits and Expert Witnesses



This 17-minute talk was presented at the 42nd Annual Ralph E. Hopkins Urology Seminar in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, a four-day conference providing an update on urologic cancers, stone disease, urologic reconstruction, female urology, infertility, emerging surgical techniques, and general urology.

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The Daily Beast article titled “Inside Reddit’s Community of Dudes Trying to Grow Bigger Dicks” explores a subreddit community called r/AJelqForYou, where men share their experiences and techniques for penis enlargement. The article delves into the various methods these men use, from jelqing (a form of penis exercise) to using pumps and weights. It also discusses the potential risks associated with these methods, including injury and ineffective results.

Dr. William Brant, a Utah-based urologist, is quoted throughout the article, offering his expert opinion on the safety and efficacy of these penis enlargement techniques. He notes that while jelqing and other exercises may have some benefits, using pumps and weights can be dangerous and may cause long-term damage. He also emphasizes the importance of consulting a healthcare professional before attempting any form of penis enlargement.

Patient talking with a doctor.
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Dr. Brant Discusses Penile Reconstruction in New Article with Insider

In a recent article on, Dr. William Brant contributes to the discussion on the controversial penile implant for enhancing penis size and length. The big short provides a balanced view of the procedure and emphasizes the need for patients to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before deciding to undergo the surgery. Dr. Brant, who specializes in Penile reconstruction surgeries, informs readers the disservice of misinformation around penis size and surgery.

Penile Implant.

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